Welcome visitor! I'm a fourth year PhD student at UC Santa Cruz working my way towards becoming la Profe Hermosillo Ruiz :'). I hope you learn about my research and my passions through this page. I have also added resources that helped me get to grad school. I'm a first generation student getting my PhD, and I'd like others to know they can achieve great things as well! :)

Previous and Current Research


I currently study the orbital dynamics and evolution of our solar system via the Kuiper Belt. I'm also working on some projects thinking about the dynamics and planet architecture that create extrasolar debris disks. I am interested in all dynamics processes that shape and evolve planetary systems and debris disks.

Resources :)

Here are a few resources that I used when preparing for GRE, NSFGRFP, and applying to PhD programs in Astronomy in the United States.

  • A presentation I made: How to Apply to Graduate School
  • Two spreadsheets: a check off sheet for grad school applications and a sheet I sent to my letter writes
  • GRE requirements and admission fees for US astro and physics programs
  • Alex Lang's website helped me prepare for the NSFGRFP application process
  • Photography

    I have loved taking pictures as long as I can remember. My disposable cameras saw many trees, rivers, friends, and blurry moon phases. Follow my photography instagram account @bylaarcy7 > (read: by la arcy 7) to see more.